Safety Tips

Using indoor sparklers can be dangerous if the safety tips are not followed. We take the safety of our customers very seriously so below we have constructed a list of how to use, light and dispose of bottle sparklers.

  • Do not hold the sparklers when lit
    Unless you are using the specially made hand held sparklers, you should not hold the bottle sparklers once they have been ignited. Use safety clips when attaching non- handheld sparkler to champagne, spirit or wine bottles.
  • Use only under adult supervision
    If you are under the age of 18 then please make sure there is an adult present when using indoor sparklers.
  • Disposing a used sparkler
    Be careful when throwing away a used sparkler as the tube remains hot for a couple of minutes after finishing.
  • Lighting a sparkler
    Hold the sparkler facing away from you and light with an extra long safety lighter, once lit retire to the recommended safety distance.
  • Where to use
    All bottle sparklers are suitable for all types of bottle necks (champagne, spirits, wine) and desserts (cakes). They should be used in well ventilated rooms and away from any flammable materials (table clothes, clothing, hair etc). Make sure the sparkler is firmly secured to the surface you are attaching it to.
  • Duration of sparkler
    All sparklers available on our website have different estimated burning times and no attempt to extinguish the flame should be made while the sparkler flame is still visible. Do not touch the flame!
  • Safety standards
    All sparklers supplied on our website conform to BS EN15947:2010 (CE Mark 1531)

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