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There are a number of things you need to know when buying bottle sparklers. Although they might all appear to look the same and act in similar ways there are different factors you need to consider. For example, the quality of the sparkler, the duration of the flame and the amount of smoke and odour it emits. Normally the price of a sparkler will give you an idea of the quality and duration, the cheaper the sparkler the lower in quality and duration.

A lot comes down to the type of occasion you are using the sparklers for. If you are using them in a bar, nightclub or restaurant then quality should be your priority. Low smoke and odour is important when using sparklers in a public environment.

The last thing you want is a bad smell hanging in the air or your customer’s choking on the smoke let off from a sparkler.

Something else to consider is the duration of the bottle sparkler. If you intend on attaching them to a bottle to present to your guests then you will need a longer lasting flame to make sure you have enough time to light the sparkler and transport to the customer’s table.

If you intend on using bottle sparklers on a birthday cake or dessert then you need to make sure your product is of a high quality to ensure there is no contamination of the food, or what the industry refer to as 'hot fall out'.

Our recommendation is to never compromise on quality if you are intending on using sparklers to present to your guests or customers. The small additional cost is far less agonising than the number of potential hazards you face when purchasing poor quality products.

The lower quality sparklers are really for private family occasions where you may need one or two sparklers to add that special touch to your celebration.

Regardless, whatever quality of bottle sparkler is chosen to be used, whether low quality or high quality, it MUST comply with all British and European safety standards and should hold the safety standard EN 14035-15. Look out for this on all packaging. It must be there!

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