Blue Ice "Cake" Fountain (Desktop Trading)

60 second Ice cake Fountain. This product has a gold/silver flare and not blue.


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Product Features

  • 1m2
  • 60sec
  • CAT. 1
  • Class 1.4S
  • Level 1
  • Level 4
  • Fuse Ignition
  • No
  • Indoor and Outdoor - Both
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Available in the following quantities:

  • Pack of 2 Sparklers (£0.85 per sparkler)
  • Box of 12 packs (£0.75 per sparkler)
Data sheet
Safety Distance 1m2
Duration 60sec
Categories CAT. 1
Classification Class 1.4S
Noise Level Level 1
Smoke Level Level 4
Activation Fuse Ignition
Customisable No
Indoor or Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor - Both
Product Features Explaned

Product Features Summary

Safety Distance

All of our products are safe for use provided they are used correctly and all relevant safety instructions are adhered to. Certain products that we supply require a spectator and user safety distance to further enhance their safety. Please always check and apply all relevant safety advice related to our products.


We have an extensive range of products, such as our Ice Fountains, which are available with a variety of durations. Our products have been produced with quality in mind to ensure customer satisfaction. Please always check the product’s duration before making your purchase to ensure you are selecting the ideal product for your needs.


When it comes to pyrotechnics, they are categorised based on their content and usage requirements. Although Ice fountains and other indoor pyrotechnics are deemed as Category 1 fireworks, there are four firework categories in total:

  • Category 1 - Usually given to indoor fireworks, this category refers to fireworks which pose a minimal hazard
  • Category 2 - Commonly referred to as garden fireworks and safe for use in small gardens by the general public. They have a minimum spectator distance of either 5 metres or 8 metres, depending on the type of classification
  • Category 3 - Also known as display fireworks, generally these products require the greatest safety distance of 25 metres but are also safe for use by the general public
  • Category 4 - This category of firework is for professional use only and many Category 4 fireworks are supplied without a fuse and are extremely dangerous to the untrained person. You must be a licensed pyro-technician to use such category fireworks


Fireworks are classified for both storage and transportation purposes. Retail consumer fireworks are classified for transportation as either 1.4S or 1.4G. Fireworks that are classified as 1.4S can be transported by road, train, sea or air freight, whilst 1.4G cannot be transported by air.

In terms of storage requirements for consumers, the limits for storing fireworks at home without storage registrations are:

  • Up to 5kg NEC can be stored for an unlimited time
  • Up to 50kg NEC can be stored for up to three weeks
  • Up to 250kg NEC can be stored for up to three consecutive days and in their place of intended use

Noise Level

Although the majority of our products are to be used in busy and loud areas such as nightclubs, you may choose to use our products at home for smaller gatherings and celebrations. With small children, the elderly and animals in mind, we have summarised our products by noise level with a figure between 1 and 5. The greater the number, the louder the product.

Smoke Level

During our manufacturing process, we do our best to reduce the level of smoke generated by our products. However, in some cases (such as coloured Ice Fountains), due to the specific colour ink used, by right, this gives rise to a greater level of smoke than others. We have summarised our products by smoke level with a figure between 1 and 5. The greater the number, the more smoke is emitted from the product.

Power Life

Most of our electronic based LED products are either re-chargeable or battery operated but we do offer some disposable items such as the traditional glow sticks too. By using our symbol guidelines, you will be able to identify the power life of each product.


From a simple ON/OFF switch to a more advanced product with built in sensors, we have provided a simple guideline which shows you how to activate given products. The different forms of activation are:

  • Bend & Break
  • Fuse Ignition
  • Push-Button
  • Twist-Action
  • Switch Activated
  • Remote Controlled
  • Liquid Activated


Over the year’s we have worked with a number of high profile venues and brands to customise a number of our own products, with bespoke branding. This symbol will highlight whether a product is customisable or not.

CE Mark

In Europe, we are now governed by CE Standards. Prior to this it was known in the UK as British Standards. As of 1st July 2017, It was required that all pyrotechnic products that are imported into the UK and Europe MUST comply with CE Standards. All of our products that we import are manufactured and comply with CE Standards. Please note, there are also various products which do not require CE Markings. Each product is labelled accordingly on our site.

Indoor / Outdoor

We have a variety of products which have been specially designed for indoor use but also have a range of products for outdoor style events too, such as festivals and weddings. By using our symbol guideline, you will be able to identify which product is suitable for indoor use, outdoor use or even both.

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Blue Ice "Cake" Fountain (Desktop Trading)

60 second Ice cake Fountain. This product has a gold/silver flare and not blue.


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